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Our site is a marketplace.  Julia supplies Korean cosmetics worldwide.
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Korea New Products
Meet various Korean cosmetics

Special and Unique Korean Cosmetics

Are you looking for famous cosmetics in Korea? Julia beauty platform to meet special and unique differentiated products! Introducing'Julia Cosmetics' with 1956 history and high-quality cosmetics to the world. Learn more

Julia Featured Products

Introducing Julia's products that have made high-quality cosmetics. Since the 1970s, JULIA Cosmetics has been supplying products to Asian markets such as China and Southeast Asia and to the world.

Featured Category

Julia has been offering skin care brands Ophir, Riach, Riach Aqua and Migreen since 1956. Julia a brand loved by Korean women, meets consumers around the world in July 2020.

JULIA brand and Korean brand

The marketplace displays Korean cosmetics that are recently marketed.

K-beauty gallery

Check out the activities of representative brands including K-Beauty and Korea JULIA. JULIA regularly produces and supports Korean brand pictorial and video. Connect celebrities and consumers around the world through the Julia site, SNS and portfolio.

Julia, K-Beauty News

Guide to K Beauty news. Check out the Korean cosmetics brand activities with'Julia' activities.

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We are a direct sales site for Korean special cosmetics brands. We are not distributors. This is a brand direct entry marketplace.
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