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Our site is a marketplace.  Julia supplies Korean cosmetics worldwide.

About Us

Since 1956, JULIA We have been with you as a beauty exclusive enterprise, domestically influential and globally competitive, since establishment in 1956 with company objective of cherishing value of beauty. We have been receiving a lot of attention and love through hit brands and products launched from customer perspective, such as Julia, Blooming, Early Spring, Sonnet, and Target.

Julia has been used by celebrities and celebrities in Korea since 1956.

Through the continuous hard work of pioneer and leading spirit in new markets, we have established ourselves of around 30 brands as leading brands in each field. Management index of every kind also shows continuous growth. In order to return this favor, we will open a new era as more mature enterprise with accumulated development knowhow.

From the second half of 2020, we will start supplying Korean beauty products worldwide.

We supply the products of Juria selected by Korean consumers. We will become a marketplace for cosmetics that are loved around the world.

We propose new beauty standards with abundant product development knowhow embodying nature and beauty. We rise with stable financial status, strong organization structure and system, balanced brand portfolio, and the best human recourses in the industry. Julia will take another step further in our new selves to provide value to your beautiful life.

We, Julia Co., promise to grow with customers. Thank you again for the great attention and love and we wish for your continuous support to Julia’s new vision and work.

julia has a global marketing and distribution agreement with hotitem inc. From July 2020, we will start operating the beauty marketplace.

Are there any companies (marketing, distribution) that you want to export to Korea through Julia Marketplace? Are there any partners who want to supply beauty products worldwide? Please contact us.

* Online seller Partner - 

Branded commerce / Brand marketing and distribution at the same time 

Hotitem inc.    :  Korea, Global Distributor

1403, 163, Bongeunsa-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Business registration 105-87-78798

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