[Reporter Hye-Jung Lee] The desire to look younger than age is regardless of age or gender. Especially since debut, if you watch the stars while keeping us in the same shape, your aspiration for the time will grow even more.

In the face of major changes such as marriage and childbirth such as Song Hye-kyo, Lee Yo-won, and Lee Bo-young, if the stars that show their consistent appearance are envious, why not try various ways to catch up with them this year?

STEP 1 Inner Beauty

If you want to be young, eating anti-aging foods can be one way. Popular anti-aging foods include tomatoes, carrots, spinach and broccoli.

Eating a lot of foods rich in vitamins while making the liver fresher requires effort. Eating salty foods can increase blood pressure and make edema easier. Bad eating habits are a short way away from while. From eating habits to thorough management, you can get closer.

STEP 2 Home Care Massage

If you look at the stars that show off their charm even with age, you can observe that they have a strong body and a face while looking much younger than age.

If you want to keep your face for a while, try a simple home massage first. As we age, our skin sags and wrinkles due to gravity. While skin care at home, you can expect the effect of releasing toxins by stimulating the lymph if you massage the skin as if it is being pulled up and down and irritate parts of the face.

[EDITOR’S PICK] Sulwhasoo Yeyul Massage Cream A combination of cream and oil helps with comfortable massage.

STEP 3 Functional Product

It is possible to properly prepare for aging by constantly using functional products without finding aesthetic treatments or using medical power.

The key to anti-aging is ‘steadiness’. Let's continue to work on anti-aging by using products with various ingredients known to help improve whitening and wrinkles. French PDRN (salmon DNA) is known to be effective in improving wrinkles.

[EDITOR’S PICK] Juria Pierre Time Reversing Gold Cream Whitening, anti-wrinkle functional cream containing PDRN (salmon DNA) from France and pure gold and centella extract. Niacinamide and adenosine ingredients help improve skin whitening and wrinkles, and help improve bright skin. (Photo source: Juria, Sulwhasoo, bnt news DB)

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