bnt新闻 News Summer can be said to be the season with the most celebrations, and the hot summer will always unconsciously remind people of all kinds of gorgeous stages with warm atmosphere. Beer, music, lighting, as well as the singers performing selflessly on the stage and the audience enjoying the carnival under the stage, all seem to use their own enthusiasm to overcome the hot weather and enjoy the splendor of summer.

For girls, it is undoubtedly the most important point to dress up to participate in various celebrations. But it is more important to protect our skin while maintaining makeup. Especially in celebrations and carnival seasons like summer, we must not take makeup and skin care lightly while enjoying the atmosphere, so we need to learn about long-term activities outside. Time's skin care makeup experience.

If you want to have makeup that highlights yourself and protect your skin among people coming from all over the world, the best of both worlds for skin care and makeup tips will be explored by the beauty editor.

Secret 01 The perfect base makeup before going out

Generally, sunscreen products should be applied 30 minutes before going out to build a strong protective film on the skin, and from the beginning, no chance of UV rays will harm the skin. When enjoying the celebration, long-term activities will make the body sweat and the skin will be exposed to strong sunlight, so the sunscreen used before going out must have a high SPF and easy to carry. When you are attending a celebration party, you need to apply sunscreen. , Spray sunscreen products are your best choice. Therefore, it is recommended to use a high SPF sunscreen spray for skin protection before going out.

In order to create a makeup that matches the celebration party after going out and highlights confidence, it is recommended to use a moisturizing cushion foundation to shape the base makeup. Cushion liquid foundation can not only complete the base makeup quickly and easily, but also is convenient to carry and easy to touch up at any time afterwards. In addition, during long-term outdoor activities, the skin is prone to heat and redness, so you must not forget to bring a moisturizing spray; the spray can not only calm the skin and moisturize the skin, but also if you use the spray before using the air cushion foundation, it can make up Maximum effect

Secret 02 Shiny makeup after going out

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you have to spend your time on make-up.

If you want to show a refreshing, natural, and unique makeup look in the hot summer, the best way is to unify your makeup color. If the eye shadow color is chosen to match the lively color system of summer, then the lipstick should also be selected correspondingly to the color system similar to eye shadow. In this way, the eye shadow that looks exaggerated if you don't pay attention to the same color lipstick will become the highlight of your personal makeup, attract people's attention, and help you become the queen of focus in the celebration.

Popular items for exclusive summer celebrations

01 JULIA Leafy Sunproof Spray: This product extracts the concentrated liquid of cypress and cedar leaves of Jeju Island, which is mild and refreshing. The texture is delicate and non-sticky, and it can be re-applied anytime and anywhere because it is convenient to carry; it can not only block high-intensity ultraviolet rays, but also does not irritate the skin, and has the unique charm of making makeup lasting.

02 Huxley Moist Cushion; Own Attitude: This product extracts the essential oil of cactus seeds and the moisture of the cactus, refreshing and hydrating the skin while effectively correcting makeup. It is a product for skin Moisturizing cushion products.

03 Avene EAU THERMALE: This product is a calming and restoring spray. The minerals it contains can effectively calm the skin and relieve irritation. The calcium and magnesium it contains can form a powerful protective film for the skin to protect the skin.

04 Armani Ecstasy Balm lip balm (GIORGIO ARMANI Ecstasy Balm): This product is a white tube lip balm in the Neo Nude series newly launched by Armani in 2018. The main functions are clear, polish, and lip protection, while keeping the lips moist and clear, it can also naturally show the coloring effect like watercolor. Lee Hye Jeong Han Lu/by JULIA Julia