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RIACE Intensive Hydrating Cream 리아체 인텐시브 하이드레이팅 크림

RIACE Intensive Hydrating Cream 리아체 인텐시브 하이드레이팅 크림
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RIACE Intensive Hydrating Cream 리아체 인텐시브 하이드레이팅 크림

Anti-Wrinkle Product

High-moisturizing nourishing cream that is gently absorbed and restores weak and tired skin to be moist and shiny. The product protects the skin from internal and external stimuli by forming a sturdy protection film on the skin and various cosmetic elements in the product make the skin healthy and lively.

<How to use> Take an adequate quantity of the product and put it evenly on the face and the neck gently along the skin texture.


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