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RIACE Waterproof Pen Eye Liner 리아체 워터프루프 펜 아이라이너

RIACE Waterproof Pen Eye Liner 리아체 워터프루프 펜 아이라이너
RIACE Waterproof Pen Eye Liner 리아체 워터프루프 펜 아이라이너

The attraction of REAL BLACK with no spreading

High-purity real black & waterproof

The carbon black base that creates high-purity real black and the long-lasting formula that is strong against sweat, water and sebum keep the eyes clear and neat all day without spreading, and without having to correct the make-up. 

Fine and soft touch

Soft touch of the elastic brush expresses the detailed line compactly and delicately. The pen type eyeliner makes it easy for everyone to use, including beginners.  

Low-irritative cleansing

It is cleaned off softly by lip & eye remover or foam cleansing without leaving stains and without irritation to eye rims. 

<How to use>

Let the tip of the brush point downward and shake 2 to 3 times before using. Draw an eye line as if filling the gaps between the lashes meticulously. Apply once again after 2 to 3 minutes to complete the clear eye line without spreading.

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