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Riace Aqua Multi Emulsion 리아체 아쿠아 멀티 에멀젼

Riace Aqua Multi Emulsion 리아체 아쿠아 멀티 에멀젼
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Riace Aqua Multi Emulsion 리아체 아쿠아 멀티 에멀젼

6 in 1

Moisturizes + Whitens + Reduces Wrinkles + Gives Resilience + Tranquilizes + Moisture Balance Control

Contains glacier water, Hyaluronic acid, deep-sea water and Polyglutamic Acid, this moisturizing lotion delivers the feel of fresh water deep into dried skin, improving its water retentive ability

A multi emulsion that moisturizes, whitens, and reduces wrinkles. Arbutin and adenosine brighten and smoothen your skin.

- The rice bran extract adds luster to the skin by controlling its oil-water balance while the jojoba and safflower seed oil form a strong protection shield over the skin to keep it moisturized for longer period of time.

Use after skin toner or essence. Gently spread over face.


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