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Migreen Aloe Cleansing foam 미그린 알로에 클렌징 폼

Migreen Aloe Cleansing foam 미그린 알로에 클렌징 폼
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Migreen Aloe Cleansing foam 미그린 알로에 클렌징 폼

Moisturization & soothed skin

- Organic aloe vera extracts moisturize the skin. Irritations caused by various environmental factors are soothed.

- Effectively removes impurities and gently cleanses clogged pores, dissolves make up.

-Aloe vera extracts moisturize tired and dry skin for longer. A grain complex of rice extracts, bean extracts and corn embryo extracts gives your skin elasticity and health.

-Fresh scent of aloe vera lasts for hours even after wash.

After wetting the face and the hands with water, take an adequate quantity of the product and make foam sufficiently. Rub the face gently as if doing massage and wash clean with warm water.


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