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Milk Cosme Tone-UP Cream 15g 밀크코스메 톤업 크림 15g

Milk Cosme Tone-UP Cream 15g 밀크코스메 톤업 크림 15g
Milk Cosme Tone-UP Cream 15g 밀크코스메 톤업 크림 15g
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Milk tone up for skin tone correction

Real White Cream  

- A dual-function (whitening / wrinkle reducing) cosmetic that brightens and whitens skin with an immediate whitening effect through skin tone correction immediately upon application.

A soft, flexible, non-sticky, dual-purpose cream with a soft, moist feel.

Contains milk protein extract and yogurt powder to help clear away dead skin cells and lighten skin.

<How to use >

 Apply MILK COSME tone up cream as part of the last step of a skin care regimen or before applying sunscreen.

< Capacity> 15g

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