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JULIA Mayou Cream EX 마유 크림 이엑스

JULIA Mayou Cream EX 마유 크림 이엑스
JULIA Mayou Cream EX 마유 크림 이엑스
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Ferment Horse oil from clean Jeju island

-Whitening& Anti-wrinkle -

-As it contains fermented horse oil which has excellent skin friendliness as well as absorption, rich moisture and nutrient are quickly absorbed into the skin. Moreover this highly moisturizing fermented horse oil cream supplies moisture to dry and rough skin.

- Through strong moisturizing effect, it reduces skin irritation and skin stress in order to maintain healthy skin. It also makes the skin smooth and glossy by preventing or improving skin roughness as well as skin damage.

- Mango seed butter and meadowfoam seed oil prevent moisture evaporation and maintain powerful moisture membrane for a long time. Natural herbal extracts such as centella asiatica extract and etc enhance skin elasticity and keep the skin clean and comfortable.

-It can be used to moisture requiring areas including hands, elbows, knees, etc.

  Usage for face: After using essence or lotion, at the final stage of basic makeup, take proper amount of the product and spread over the entire face. After warming hand palms, wrap entire face with hands and press gently to be absorbed.

Usage for body: After removing water, take moderate amount of the product and spread gently over necessary parts as you massage. In particular, massage intensively elbows and knees which become easily dry.


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