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The Clean Gel 더 크린 겔

The Clean Gel 더 크린 겔
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The Clean Gel 더 크린 겔

★Hand Sanitizer
It is a disinfectant that disinfects or sterilizes various harmful bacteria on the skin.    And prevent it from getting worse
. Natural vegetable ingredients gently protect and moisturize the skin, moisturizing and smoothing it after use.

Point 1. Formally approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety which is not medicine product  

Point 2. Contains 62% ethanol to quickly remove various harmful bacteria.

Point 3. As a gel type hand sanitizer, it is refreshed without stickiness after use.

Point 4. Contains menthol ingredients to give the skin a refreshing refreshing feeling.

Point 5. Grapefruit extract and green tea extract improve the skin's moisturizing, keeping it moist and smooth..  

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